ADHD and Diet

We don’t know. We can’t say for sure if ADHD is significantly affected by diet – and keep in mind that ADHD is a syndrome, and might have multiple causes.

In other words, what causes the brain changes behind ADHD symptoms for one person might be completely different for another. (You wanted it simple? You got ADHD or something?)

But here’s an intriguing and promising study about some kids whose symptoms were managed by eating “a highly restrictive diet.” I’d caution against rallying behind the lead researcher’s heady claim that she has proved that “ADHD is caused by diet.” Some of the kids in her study had reduced symptoms when they were on restricted diets. Intriguing but not the Holy Grail of ADHD. Also, it’s unclear how we might apply the findings in limiting our own diets.

Anyway, here’s a link to the study.


Settle Down and Eat Your Carrots

Dan Quinn, Psy.D.

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